Paul has been writing professionally since 2004, and in that time has contributed to magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, films and other videos, and even a podcast.  His experience also includes working as a professional English and writing tutor and a film instructor.

He earned his BA in English from SUNY College at Fredonia where his studies focused on Arthurian literature as well as poetry (the language of “less is more”), and continually hones his craft.

Because of his background in stunt work, Paul is also uniquely capable of writing action and physical comedy, especially for film.


Charlemagne and The Brain: Private DicksWriterDreaming Droids ProductionsFeature Film
Attila Domos: Taking The Next StepWriter | InterviewerDocumentary
Let Scheming Spiders Lie (2017)WriterDreaming Droids ProductionsShort Film
Hobo Hunters (2017)Co-WriterReckless Amnesiac Media

Dreaming Droids Productions
Short Film

Won Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Pittsburgh 48-Hour Film Project.
Absent Hero (2017)WriterDreaming Droids Productions

Short Film
Mic Drop! (2017)WriterDreaming Droids ProductionsShort Film

Won 4th place in Rustic B.'s Fight Competition.
Dreaming Droids Productions Blog, AKA Filmmaking Fridays (2016 - present)Contributing Blog WriterDreaming Droids ProductionsBlog

Various film-related articles.

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How to Build a “World” for Your Script (June 2017)Guest Blog WriterWest Virginia Filmmakers GuildBlog Article

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Forever Young (2017)Writer | Series CreatorDreaming Droids ProductionsTV Serial (Pilot)

Victoria D’Abord, an ancient and powerful vampire, rules the Earth from the shadows; has conquered Mars, Venus, and Luna; and has mastered the dark mystical arts. With no new challenges in sight, Victoria grows dejected with boredom. Until she realizes she’s never been to high school. With the begrudging help of her Ghoul Servant, she enrolls in Neil Young High School as a new transfer student in order to “defeat it.”

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February 3, 2016 podcast interview on Kettle Whistle Radio
January 6, 2016 article on artventure pgh blog
Unclean Hands (2016)WriterDreaming Droids ProductionsShort Film

When Vince Frank’s failing family auto shop is seized by the bank, he turns to the occult to find a solution. Meanwhile, a nearby family struggles to keep their lives together in spite of alcoholism, abuse and more.

Best Fight Choreography awarded by Pittsburgh 48-Hour Film Project (2016)

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After the Infection: Cannibal Cookbook (2016)WriterOh Penny PicturesGraphic Novel / Cookbook

All of Earth is thrown into chaos when the Okamura “zombie” Virus reaches pandemic levels. How hard is it to fend off hordes of zombies? Not very. But then something wicked happens – the zombies start to evolve into something else. Something strong and – most dangerous of all – something smart….

Part novelty cookbook, part comic tie-in prequel with the After the Infection (2015) short film, the narrative focuses on when the Virus first transitions into its second phase, which regenerates the bodies as well as the brains of the infected….
After the Infection (2015)WriterOh Penny PicturesShort Film

By the time the uninfected survivors of the zombie apocalypse start to rebuild their lives, their zombie foes evolve into clever and seemingly immortal enemies who not only use guns and set traps, but take slaves as well.

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Breathe (2015)Russian Language ConsultantCarpio PicturesShort Film

Best Special Effects awarded by Haunted Oaks Film Festival (2015)

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It's Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss: The Underground Secret to Permanent Results (2015)Manuscript EditorCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformBook (Self Help)

If you want to not only transform your body but also improve your life, then It’s Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss is the book for you. Breaking down healthy living into manageable steps, this in-depth manual teaches you how to make lasting changes to look better, lower your stress, increase your energy, and heighten your happiness.

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Swords of Insurgency (2015)WriterMythology StudiosWeb Series

In a post-apocalyptic age where firearms are no longer practical weapons, warlords rule with shining blades, brutal fists, and dangerous chemicals. Abigail, a proud warrior with a dark past, escapes her political prison and falls in with a growing rebellion against her former captors and tormentors, the cruel Emperor Taneg and his son, Droll.
Better Than Brains (2014)WriterOh Penny PicturesSpeculative Commercial

What could be better than brains? Doritos, of course!

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Grammar Matters (2012)WriterRed Tie ProductsPodcast
Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales, Volume 2 (2012)Contributing AuthorNorth Country BooksBook (Short Story Compilation)

The Adirondacks–glorious and breathtaking, yet host to a multitude of murder and mayhem. What mystery unfolds when a plane crashes outside Lake Placid? Will Dr. Angela Patterson, staff surgeon at Adirondack General Hospital, solve her next case? Why is there a Shaman on Mt. Marcy? Is there really paranormal activity at Fort Ticonderoga? Will Jason Black, the Adirondack Detective, solve the riddle of the missing logs? Why is there a snow storm on Rondaxe Mountain in the middle of the summer?

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Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales (2009)Contributing AuthorNorth Country BooksBook (Short Story Compilation)

The Adirondacks hold many secrets and mysteries. What happened on the top of Panther Mountain? Do you dare dig deeper into the Adirondack General Hospital morgue? Did Bigfoot commit in murder in Lumberjack Hollow? Will the Adirondack Detective Jason Black, solve his next case? Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales is a collection of mysteries and thrillers that take place in the rugged and hearty Adirondack Mountains of New York State. So spark the flame in your fireplace, sit in your stuffed chair, dim the lights and prepare to be tantalized.

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M.D. News (2007)Cover WriterSunshine MediaMagazine

M.D. News is an award-winning business and practice-management publication for leading physicians and surgeons. The magazine offers a sophisticated form of marketing that builds relationships with colleagues and clients through a collection of articles, the majority of which are sponsored by select underwriters and advertisers.

Mohawk Valley: In Good Health (2006 - 2007)Contributing WriterLocal News, Inc.Newspaper

Launched in March 2006, In Good Health—Mohawk Valley Healthcare Newspaper is the first-ever general circulation newspaper to cover the growing healthcare industry in the Mohawk Valley region, and carries news and feature stories about local physicians and health services. It also brings columns written by professionals on a wide range of topics. In addition, In Good Health carries health tips, calendar of events, news from local hospitals and much more.

M.A.P. Madrid (2006 - 2007)Copyeditor (Intern)E-Zine

English-language news source on Madrid’s Music, Art, and Politics for tourists & locals.
Twombly McGreen vs. The Mean Steam Machine (2004)AuthorInkwater PressBook (Anthology)

In his debut, Paul Nandzik exhibits the beauty and wonder of the poetic form in his intricately woven verses. He shows the tapestry of the human experience of growth and discovery, love and friendship, through various speakers and characters-some named, some unnamed-some who exist in a dark aged fantasy world, some who exist in modern times. By combining the ancient epic form along with romantic themes, Nandzik has found a seductive blend of sonic and visual beauty with spiritual and emotional depth.